If you know anything about Tyler, the Creator, then you know that he doesn't give a f---. Unfortunately, an Australian protester found out the hard way.

Talitha Stone, a member of the online feminist group Collective Shout, exchanged some heated tweets with the Odd Future leader after her group's protest helped shut down his appearance at an Australian clothing store.

Collective Shout has been on an aggressive campaign to have Tyler's visa revoked, citing Australian government rules against visitors who produce songs of “graphic descriptions of rape and violence against women."

So the group's protest didn't sit well with Tyler. In response, he lashed out against Stone on Twitter and then again at an all-ages concert in Sydney, Australia.

As reported by Stone in the Guardian Australia, the anti-misogynist activist was in the audience to witness Tyler's profanity-laced rant about her.

“F---ing bitch, I wish she could hear me call her a bitch, too, f---ing whore. Yeah, I got a sold-out show right now bitch. Hey, this f---ing song is dedicated to you, you f---ing c---," he told the audience.

Stone recorded the verbal abuse and uploaded the video to YouTube.

“I was petrified. I was standing among the crowd of people who were chanting along with threats towards me," Stone told the Guardian.

According to Stone, she went to the local police to file a report and was advised that they couldn't do anything about it.

"I was then handed a few 'cyber safe' brochures, and sent on my way," she writes.

"What is the point of a national debate on misogyny if we let the Tyler the Creators of the world spew hate speech against women -- and are given a welcome mat to do it?" she adds.

Tyler, the Creator is often the subject of heated discussions about misogyny in rap music. Most recently, his Mountain Dew ad was pulled after activists deemed it racist for featuring a battered white woman trying to identify her attacker in a lineup of black men.

Tyler's behavior toward Talitha Stone is inexcusable. Hopefully, Stone will get some justice in this case.

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