Rapper Tyler, the Creator's bad reputation has been well-documented in the media. However, it appears that he does have some sense of humanity in him.

In a YouTube video, the Odd Future leader sets out on his charitable mission to give clothes to homeless people living on the streets of skid row in Los Angeles.

“I’m about to be a good person for once,” Tyler tells the cameraman with boxes of clothes from his car.

Most of the wares Tyler is giving away are from his own clothing line, Golf Wang. Items like T-shirts, sneakers, shorts and hats are up for grabs.

When Tyler arrives at his location, he simply puts the box on the ground and announces, “It’s a big ass box of fresh ass clothes right here if any of you motherf---ers need it!"

Well, that was nice of him.

Tyler then hands out more gear as people frantically grab as many clothes as they can carry in their arms.

Before he finished his charity work, Tyler offered some parting words to the struggling folks on skid row. “I love all y'all. God bless America and also don’t do drugs, y’all.”

Wow! Tyler is generous and compassionate. Who knew?

It's refreshing to see this type of generosity on display from a famous artist. Let's hope other rappers follow suit.

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