The Internet is in a tizzy over a diss song by rapper J-Kwon called 'Pushing the Odds.' The month-old track started trending after Kanye West name-dropped him in a New York Times interview.

On the song, the St. Louis rhymer goes after Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator for comments they made about him on their songs, 'Only You Can Tell It' and 'Rella,' respectively.

On Pusha's 'Only You Can Tell It,' he raps the metaphoric line, 'I'm grindin' / N----, you J-Kwon." And on 'Rella,' Tyler rhymes, "You ain't got no f---in' Yeezy? / Five albums, 100 songs, and you ain't got no f---in' Yeezy? / I betchu got some J-Kwon / You ain't got no f---in' Yeezy?"

In response to Pusha, J-Kwon spits, "Let’s get some s--- straight for a second / You just gettin' bread Push / I been straight for a second."

As for Tyler, J-Kwon raps, "N----, time is crucial / You want to fight? / Yeah, right / I'll turn off ya lights like I'm Future."

Although J-Kwon's song is about a month old (which is about a year in Internet time), we don't think Pusha T or Tyler will respond to him.

What do you think of J-Kwon's diss song -- a hit or a miss? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to J-Kwon's Diss Song 'Pushing the Odds'

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