Tyler the Creator

'Tamale' Video
Have you ever watched 'Yonkers' or any Odd Future video and thought, "What the hell is going through these guys' heads?" Well, good news. Tyler, the Creator decided to let the curious inside his head in the 'Tamale' video, directed by Tyler himself.
Nottz is two-for-two during these past couple of weeks. He handled the production for the tense, spaghetti-western sounding 'Nosetalgia' -- a Kendrick Lamar-featured Pusha T track off his album, 'My Name Is My Name.' The producer is also behind the moody, mid-tempo instrumental for 'Look,' which fea…
Sneak Peek
Tyler, the Creator, a.k.a Wolf Haley, is back behind the camera and will be making a short film entitled 'Wolf,' which is the title of his third solo album.
With the release of 'Grand Theft Auto V' only a few weeks away, the anticipation for the video game continues to build as trailers show it will be a game unlike no other. This version of the game takes place back at Los Santos (which simulates Los Angeles), so the accompanying soundtrack w…
DOMA Reactions
The music world has been very supportive in the ongoing campaign to legalize gay marriage. The news of the Supreme Court ruling to overturn two laws prohibiting same-sex marriage certainly brought joy to many artists who have been outspoken about marriage equality.
Helping Homeless
Rapper Tyler, the Creator's bad reputation has been well-documented in the media. However, it appears that he does have some sense of humanity in him.
Diss Track
The Internet is in a tizzy over a diss song by rapper J-Kwon called 'Pushing the Odds.' The month-old track started trending after Kanye West name-dropped him in a New York Times interview.
Verbal Attack
If you know anything about Tyler, the Creator, then you know that he doesn't give a f---. Unfortunately, an Australian protester found out the hard way.
Ads Pulled
Tyler the Creator is no stranger to controversy. Now, the Odd Future frontman's zany ways may cost him his Mountain Dew endorsement as his ads were pulled by the soda company for being "racist."

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