Have you ever watched 'Yonkers' or any Odd Future video and thought, "What the hell is going through these guys' heads?" Well, good news. Tyler, the Creator decided to let the curious inside his head in the 'Tamale' video, directed by Tyler himself.

The video begins with the song title, the words "A visual interpretation of Tylers [sic] mind" and a tamale displaying on an orange screen. Insanity occurs soon after. Three floating Tyler heads rap in front of an orange screen, a miniature Tyler bounces on a woman's butt while she's lying on the beach and the Odd Future leader decides to cause some havoc on the golf course.

In between the scenes there's a censored sequence with the words "Due to the 'graphic' nature of this film I was forced to blur because people aren't ready to have intelligent conversations before they judge. Welcome to America" displayed on top of it. The scene with the woman's bottom follows right after with the text quipping, "But this s--- is allowed."

After Tyler rides on a cat and has some alone time in his room, the visual segues into 'Answer,' another cut off 'Wolf.' The artist raps the song from a couch while Pharrell makes a cameo appearance playing the drums with a deadpanned look on his face. Interesting therapy session going on here.

Tyler, the Creator is currently working on a short film entitled 'Wolf' with an unknown release date.

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