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Album Review
Danny Brown's breakout album 'XXX' and the now-streaming 'Old' are both split into two halves. While the former started with drug-fueled absurdity before segueing into introspection, 'Old' flips the formula. The first half isn't just introspection though;…
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It was only a short time ago when  Danny Brown became so frustrated with the delays behind 'Old' that he threatened to leak the album. Soon after, a release date was announced for Sept. 30. That day is today and Brown's highly anticipated follow up to 'XXX' is avai…
October Releases
October is a reminder that we're in the final lap of 2013, and with that comes a couple of long-awaited projects that will finally be hitting shelves this fall.
'Dip' Video
You don’t want to let Danny Brown into his zone. Sampling the famous Kanye West line, Brown takes us inside a molly-filled night for the video to his single ‘Dip’ off his upcoming album ‘Old.’
GQ Magazine
We all know that Danny Brown is quite a fashionable guy. So the Detroit rhymer chatted with GQ magazine about his own personal style preferences, among other things. The 'ODB' rhymer credits his hometown of Detroit for influencing his fashion choices.
Album Cover
There was a strong possibilty Danny Brown could've went the same direction with the album cover for 'Old' as he did for the bizarre 'ODB' video he dropped last week. The recently released artwork still is, but in an ironic sense.
'ODB' Video
Up until recently, fans had no idea when Danny Brown's album, 'Old,' was dropping. The release date (Sept. 30) was announced a few days ago, and today we get a visual for 'ODB,' in which -- once again -- fans and the general public have no idea what's going on.
'Kush Coma'
Danny Brown may have already released 'Kush Coma' in March, which we featured in TheDrop.fm's Rap Battle one week, but now he's remixed his single with the help of A$AP Rocky.
Oral Sex Onstage?
Rapper Danny Brown is supposed to be trekking the U.S. on his Old & Reckless Tour with rapper Kitty Pryde in anticipation for the release of his full-length project 'Old.' But right now, he's currently caught up in wild rumors surrounding oral sex he received from a female aud…
Vote in Our Rap Battle
Kid Cudi's 'Immortal' takes the win again in this week's Rap Battle. It looks like the rapper's fans just used their voting power a bit more than those of Ghostface Killah.

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