Up until recently, fans had no idea when Danny Brown's album, 'Old,' was dropping. The release date (Sept. 30) was announced a few days ago, and today we get a visual for 'ODB,' in which -- once again -- fans and the general public have no idea what's going on.

The combination of the cacophonous instrumental and the acid trip of a video makes for a disorienting experience. The visual is simply Danny Brown rapping into the camera, but random flashes of animation made by Ruff Mercy (who also assisted with pal ScHoolBoy Q's 'There He Go' video) makes it feel a lot more complicated.

When the song reaches its instrumental break, Brown simply stares at the camera as his image is constantly twisted and distorted. It's as if the twist of the clip is the viewer who's actually high.

This all happens over a Paul White beat that sounds like 'The Wizard of Oz' filtered through an intense drug trip. Brown starts the song saying, "Take another hit and I pass out." The whole experience feels like it's at that precipice of psychedelia and overdose. It sounds scary, but it's hard to turn away.

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