You don’t want to let Danny Brown into his zone. Sampling the famous Kanye West line, Brown takes us inside a molly-filled night for the video to his single ‘Dip’ off his upcoming album ‘Old.’

The video captures Brown as he takes us through a day in his life, where he walks down the street and gets ready for a night at the club, which is full of lots of fun, women and Hennessy.

He finds a way to keep you feeling like you took the drug yourself with the fast-paced visual effects. The Detroit native also performs onstage and grabs up a couple women before the night is over.

Taking it a step further than what Trinidad James ever showed in his 'All Gold Everything' video, Danny uses his lyrical skills to show you exactly how he's feeling. “I'm sweatin' but I'm cold, mouth all dry but I got a runny nose / I just bought me a water bottle, chug that down but I think I need me some mo,'” he raps.

If you’re excited about what’s next with the eclectic rapper, his album ‘Old’ is scheduled to be released Sept. 30.

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