We all know that Danny Brown is quite a fashionable guy. So the Detroit rhymer chatted with GQ magazine about his own personal style preferences, among other things. The 'ODB' rhymer credits his hometown of Detroit for influencing his fashion choices.

For his GQ interview, Danny explains where he gets his clothes and how one can even obtain his, um, luxurious hairstyle.

How to Get My Wardrobe:
"I do most of my shopping online. Or I save my money up for places where I know I'm gonna do a lot of shopping, like London. In New York, I go to Bergdorf or I go to Oak. Rick Owens and Mark McNairy are my favorite designers. It's expensive, but it's made for you to f--- up, to give it your own personality, put a hole in it."

The Perks of Success:
"Dr. Romanelli did a collab with a boutique here called Revive. It was Carhartt-classic Michigan-winter-type s--- -- but customed out. He gave them a few pieces in 2011 or 2012, and I couldn't afford the s--- then. But no one round here got $2,000 to spend on a jacket. So I called up the shop and copped two. This is one of 'em."

How to Get My Hair:

"My routine? I just wet it and go out."

In the accompanying video below, Brown offers his advice on everything from proper blunt smoking etiquette, how to court a lady with your eyes and the importance of safe sex. "Don't have unprotected sex," he warns. "Don't have no babies, and you can have all the fun you want. That's the secret of life. If you have a baby, your life f---ed up."

Sounds like good advice to us. Thanks Danny!

Danny Brown's interview appears in the September 2013 issue of GQ magazine on newsstands now.

Watch Danny Brown Give His Rebel Style Tips to GQ Magazine

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