Danny Brown may have already released 'Kush Coma' in March, which we featured in TheDrop.fm's Rap Battle one week, but now he's remixed his single with the help of A$AP Rocky.

The song premiered on BBC 1 radio during DJ Tim Westwood's show Sunday night (June 16). 'Kush Coma' is off the Detroit rapper's upcoming LP, 'Old,' out in August.

Produced by Skywlkr, the track delves into the whirlwind of drugs that Brown has either taken or is already feeling the effects of. Making references to codeine, ecstasy and weed, we wonder just how lit he was during the recording of this track. “I’m smoking, back to back, back to back, back to back / It’s the blunt after blunt rotation / Now I’m in a kush coma off the OG aroma / And my brain going on vacation,” he rhymes.

This isn't the first time the two have worked together. Rocky flexed his directing muscles on Brown's 'Blunt After Blunt' while Brown was featured on Rocky's '1 Train.'

Listen to Danny Brown's 'Kush Coma' Feat. A$AP Rocky

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