A new generation of producers will be showcasing their skills behind the boards soon, and it looks like some of them may be coming from Swizz Beatz's bloodline.

A few days ago, the high-profile producer shared an Instagram video of his kids -- Kasseem Dean, Jr., and Egypt, his son with Alicia Keys -- making a beat with an MPC.

It looks like Swizz passed down those artistic genes because both kids looked pretty comfortable messing around with the sampler. The actual beat doesn't sound all that bad either in this clip, but more importantly, the two are having a great time playing with the sounds.

Swizz Beatz's caption reads: "Brother Beatz KJ&EGY Mpc take over:)" It looks like the dad is enjoying seeing his kids having fun in what he's built his career around.

Fatherhood has been brought more to the forefront recently in hip-hop with the birth of Kanye West's daughter, Jay Z's song about his tot in 'JAY Z Blue' and Nas' hit 'Daughters' from last year. Few can deny that it's a good look.

Watch Swizz Beatz's Sons Make a Beat

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