Swizz Beatz has become known for his artistic eye as much as for his production skills and now the high art admirer is planning on opening up his own art gallery.

Swizzy told Complex recently about his new venture.

"I want to create a gallery, a place that's very well-known, for people to come and learn about new artists around the world," he explained. "I want to make the gallery like a globe, and when you walk into it, it's labeled by country. So if you want to find the hot new artist from India, we have that hot new artist from India, and you can connect with artists in Africa, Brazil and beyond."

The rapper-producer was inspired to build a gallery while navigating the world.

"While I've been traveling, I've seen so many new artists. There are too many names to even mention. I've seen so many talented artists, and I just thought to myself, 'Man, nobody knows about this kid right here in Korea, in this back loft. It's like he's the next Warhol. How can the world see this stuff that I'm witnessing right now?'' he revealed.

The gallery will take several months to build according to Swizz.

Swizz is a painter himself and was even dubbed by big-time art dealer Jeffrey Deitch as a modern-day Basquiat.

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