Although Swizz Beatz is busy in the studio with people like Jay-Z, he's encouraging young people to take an HIV test this week.

In a 31-second video, the producer and rapper talks to a group of young people about why it's important to get tested for HIV on June 27, which is National HIV Testing Day.

"You can't tell by looking at somebody if they're infected," he said in the new PSA. "Do you know your status?"

The 'Everyday Birthday' creator isn't the only one who's done this. Rita Ora, B.o.B., Heavy D and even Swizz's other half, Alicia Keys, have filmed their own videos to spread awareness in the past. The campaign is the brainchild of LifeBEAT, in partnership with the CDC, MTV’s GYT Now, Viacom and Sirius/XM.

Watch Swizz Beatz's LifeBEAT PSA

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