Rappers Predicting the Future
Many rappers have prided themselves on "speaking the truth," or giving non-fiction depictions of their lives. Sometimes though, rap verses transcend realness and border on eerily prophetic. There may be no modern Nostradamus, but rappers are the next best thing. Here are 10 Rap Lyrics That…
Best Jay-Z Songs
We compiled the hits (and some b-side classics), where Jay was truly on his A-game. When is he not, though? Here's the top Jay-Z songs.
Record Deal
Jay Z has already signed a slew of big names to his Roc Nation label including Rihanna and Willow Smith. Now, Hov is expanding into more Hollywood royalty by signing the kids of director Steven Spielberg.
Cover Guy
Jay Z is one dapper don on the cover of Vanity Fair. The rapper's longtime stylist June Ambrose unveiled a photo of the rapper's cover today.
New Collection
Jay Z the Entrepreneur is still in full effect, and he's coming to takeover the holiday season. He's teaming up with Barneys New York for the high-end retailer's Christmastime offerings.
Jet Mag Cover
Chris Brown's reputation has never been the same after his February 2009 assault case against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The R&B crooner is trying to put the past behind him and he talks about it with Jet magazine.

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