'Black Nativity'
Oscar season is approaching, so it's time for Hollywood to start rolling out those dramatic flicks. One such movie is 'Black Nativity,' Langston Hughes' famed interpretation of the recount of the Nativity story.
Top 10 Nas Lyrics
Life is certainly good for Nasir Jones. The veteran rapper, respectfully known as Nas, is celebrating the big 4-0 today (Sept. 14). In celebration of that milestone, we list some of the Queensbridge legend's captivating lyrics. Undoubtedly, Nas is one of hip-hop's greatest lexicons...
Happy Birthday!
Nas, one of hip-hop's most renowned artists, turns 40 on Saturday (Sept.14), but he didn't wait until then to begin the festivities. The 'Life Is Good' rapper celebrated in his hometown of New York City on Thursday night (Sept. 12) at a party filled with multiple famous guests.
'Arsenio' Guests
Woof! Woof! Woof! Guess who's back? Arsenio Hall, yo! The veteran comedian is set to launch his syndicated late-night talk show on Sept. 9 and he's lined up some great guests and musical acts.
Best Michael Jackson Covers
Today would have been Michael Jackson's 55th birthday if he were alive. Sadly, the late singer died in June 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest due to an injection of drugs administered by his now jailed physician Conrad Murray. Though his death was untimely, his talents still live on in …
Happy Birthday Mr. President
Happy birthday, President Obama! What better to celebrate Barack Obama's born day (Aug. 4, 1961) than to honor him with a top 10 list of rap songs that mention his name.
Most rappers have been inspired by our 44th president. However, there are a few outspoken emcees who have expressed their cond…

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