At this point in his career, Pitbull has one of the most identifiable voices in music. The rapper is taking his unique baritone to the big screen, but with animation.

Pit will play a "street-smart" frog named Bufo in the save-the-world flick 'Epic,' which opens in theaters this Friday.

Even though this marks his first time doing voice-over work for an animated film, the 'Feel This Moment' rhymer wasn't afraid to take the role.

"Before, I didn’t understand what it meant to put a voice to animation and see it come to life. But I’m always game for trying new things," he told the Columbia Dispatch.

He also said the animators pretty much nailed his persona through the imaginary character.

"They captured a piece of my essence, absolutely: the suits, the business hustler knowing how to navigate his way through the good and bad," Pitbull explained. "Bufo knows how to play the middle. It’s business, not personal, for him."

Beyonce also has a role in the film as character Queen Tara, the queen of the forest. 'Epic' centers on a secret universe in which the natural world is battling evil forces.

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