If you wondered what it was like to be in Pitbull's shoes, ABC News' Nightline gives us a 24-hour look into the life of Mr. Worldwide.

"I never wondered how we got here," he tells reporter Cecilia Vega. "I always wonder where we're going. To me, this is the beginning."

But before you think it's all about popping bottles and partying (though it is a part of his lifestyle), we quickly find out that Pitbull, born Armando Christian Pérez, is not only a performer but also a businessman. With almost 13 million Twitter followers and various endorsements that also end up in his music videos, he hardly cares if the critics call him a sell-out.

"Anything we do is sophisticated integration," he explains. "When people ask, we don't want them [to feel] it's pushed on them."

Pérez continued, "Let's break it down into two words. It's the music business, and that's what we're trying to do -- is make music and do business."

However, this rapper isn't only about making that paper. The video piece shows that he also pays it forward by building Slam, a charter school in his hometown of Miami. We also learn about the difference between Pitbull and Armando. Taking a tour of Little Havana, he reminisces about his childhood.

"Pitbull is everything that Armando can't be in public," the 32-year-old shares. "So he lets it all out onstage through the records, through the music. That's my therapy. But Armando is... tries to be the most simple, most humble person that they raise me to be."

On Monday, Pitbull joined forces with Flo Rida to debut the latter's new video, 'Can't Believe It.'

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