If it ain't broke...

Jennifer Lopez has partnered with fellow Latino Pitbull for the third time in recent years on the new single 'Live It Up,' which will appear on La Lopez's upcoming new album -- this is her eighth studio release. It's set up to be a legit summer anthem that'll get the hard, tanned bodies moving on the dance floor.

J. Lo and Mr. Worldwide team up with blazing hot producer RedOne for this jam that doesn't quit from start to finish. Lopez and Pit have had serious success together with 'On the Floor' and 'Dance Again,' which were some of her biggest hits in years. They keep the party going with 'Live It Up.'

It kicks off with Mr. Worldwide delivering a roll call of sorts, name-checking the key players and announcing their intentions to own it with the song. He then spits a verse in both Spanish and English over a synthed out beat. The song has a killer, cheerleader-y bridge, featuring a beat that just won't quit, and it builds up to the hands-in-the-air, epic chorus.

There are loads of EDM elements in the production, and clearly, J. Lo realizes that sound is hot, so she's making the most of it. They've incorporated looped, processed vocals and enough "untz" to get the booty shaking.

As to be expected, there is plenty of lyrical chest-puffing and bravado, but why not? J. Lo and Pit are smart enough to realize that they make beautiful music together.

This should be one of the hottest hits of the summer of 2013.

Listen to Jennifer Lopez's 'Live It Up' Feat. Pitbull

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