From Christina Aguilera to Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull has collaborated with an infinite number of female artists on songs that later became big hits. So when former Miss World and Bollywood actress Priyanka asked for some assistance on her latest single, 'Exotic,' Mr. Worldwide was more than happy to oblige.

"I'm like Bon Jovi / I want it dead or alive and y'all better get with it / And in the music game I'm worth more dead than alive / But that's ok I'll live with it / That's why I live every day like my last / Priyanka, step on the gas / From Morocco to Mumbai / Bollywood to Hollywood, it's all about the money cash," he delivers on his verse.

Unlike other songs he's featured on, Pit gives more than one verse where he gets to talk more about himself. "To Cuba's free, I can't go / But I'll meet you in Rio, fo sho / But before make a pitstop in Miami, home of the Heat and the old school photos / Got my women by the boatloads," he spits on the second verse.

From the uptempo beat to the playful lyrics from both artists, 'Exotic' will surely be on many people's playlists this summer.

This is the second single off her forthcoming LP, 'In My City.' The first effort, the title track, features

Listen to Priyanka's 'Exotic' Feat. Pitbull

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