There are plenty of wack rappers in the rap game but GQ magazine decided to highlight 25 of the Worst Rappers of All Time.

We must mention that the men's magazine is kind of liberal with their selections of subpar rhyme-spitters. The list includes athletes, R&B singers and celebrities who managed to spit a few bars once in their careers.

However, some of the rappers the writer picked for this tally will most likely upset a few fans. Also, there aren't any female rappers on this list and there are quite a few lyrically subpar female emcees -- we're just saying.

Among the rappers who graced this list include:

No. 6: Diddy
He's hit a trifecta: mocked on 'The Daily Show,' on 'South Park,' and in The Onion. Diddy has a terrific ear for shameless hooks, and he knows the hustle, which is why he has money hangin' out the anus, to quote his most memorable lyric. But as a mumbly, indistinct rapper, he wouldn't be signed to any label he didn't own.

No. 12: Prince
If you're a singer who knocks rappers for being tone-deaf, as Prince did in 'Dead on It,' it's best not to be a singer who's beat-deaf and raps in a stiff, elementary way, as Prince did in the early 1990s on 'My Name Is Prince,' 'Days of Wild' and a few others. Actual couplet: My name is Prince, and I am funky / When it come to funk, I am a junkie. Okay, but when it comes to rap, you are a flunky.

No. 21: Too $hort
Not even Too $hort will be surprised to see Too $hort's name on this list. "Serious hip-hop fans, they'll boldly say, 'Too $hort ain't the best, Too $hort ain't got the best lyrics,'" he admits. This pioneer of Bay Area hip-hop has had an unusually long career -- even he's lost track of how many records he's done -- most of it pedestrian. He has no interest in being "a rapper who rapped in metaphors, and said slick shit," he declares.

No. 20: Will Smith
At this point, Will Smith duet with Frank the Pug if he thought it would sell a few extra movie tickets.

No. 9: Pitbull
A Cuban-American Vanilla Ice who flacks for Dr Pepper and Bud Light -- try mixing those two for a fun speedball! -- Pitbull specializes in mind-numbing Eurodisco about hot girls and nightlife, with witless, winking reminders of his heritage: My tongue is bilingual, ready to play with that spot where you tingle.

Other old-school rappers on the list include the late Eazy-E, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer.

Rap fans have vehemently expressed their displeasure of Too $hort and Eazy-E being on the list. We are not sure why Prince is on this tally either. Yeah, we get it, he once rapped on 'My Name Is Prince,' but he never proclaimed himself to be a rapper.

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