Opening School
Pitbull has achieved massive amounts of success with his mix of EDM, hip-hop and dance. His commercial style has drawn the ire of some music critics and hip-hop fanatics, but it's going to be harder to hate on him since he's planning to give back to the community.
24 Hours
If you wondered what it was like to be in Pitbull's shoes, ABC News' Nightline gives us a 24-hour look into the life of Mr. Worldwide.
'Can't Believe It'
Just when we thought that Sir Mix-a-Lot's 'Baby Got Back' was the song that celebrated a woman's assets, Flo Rida provides a new track and video to celebrate lovely lady lumps everywhere with 'Can't Believe It.'
Worst Rappers
There are plenty of wack rappers in the rap game but GQ magazine decided to highlight 25 of the Worst Rappers of All Time.
New Song
From Christina Aguilera to Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull has collaborated with an infinite number of female artists on songs that later became big hits. So when former Miss World and Bollywood actress Priyanka asked for some assistance on her latest single, 'Exotic,' Mr. Worldwide was more than …
Show Recap
‘The Voice’ finale arrived last night and you know what that means: lots of recap footage from the previous episodes (just in case we all have amnesia), lots of random performances from familiar faces (whether from past contestants or old judges) and the judges discuss how proud they are of the thre…
Animated Frog
At this point in his career, Pitbull has one of the most identifiable voices in music. The rapper is taking his unique baritone to the big screen, but with animation.
'Live It Up'
Jennifer Lopez's Billboard Music Awards performance opened with Matrix-inspired numbers going across a screen and the singer's voice reciting a manifesto about living life to the fullest.
'Live It Up'
If it ain't broke...
Jennifer Lopez has partnered with fellow Latino Pitbull for the third time in recent years on the new single 'Live It Up,' which will appear on La Lopez's upcoming new album -- this is her eighth studio release. It's set up to be a legit summer anthem tha…

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