Everyone knows at least one person in their circle that aspires to be a rapper. Can't say we blame them, the hip-hop movement is easy to get swept up in. For at least a generation, rappers have set the trends of urban music, even for R&B crooners. Just ask Chris Brown or Trey Songz -- both have alter-egos as rhyme-spitters.

When the culture was birthed in the basement of a Bronx tenement in the 1970s, no one imagined it would eventually become a multi-million dollar enterprise. From the days of rhyming in public parks to spitting in sold-out arenas, rap has come a long way. Emcees like Queen Latifah and Uncle Luke to N.W.A. and Biggie have all had a major role in building hip-hop from the ground up.

This list was a tough one to knock out with so many artists having made a major impact on the culture -- Slick Rick and his storytelling, all of Wu-Tang showing people how the group thing should be done and Big Pun putting on for Latinos. Nonetheless, TheDrop.fm have narrowed it down to hip-hop acts whose music remains timeless. Here's 10 Legendary Rappers to check out.

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