Just when we thought that Sir Mix-a-Lot's 'Baby Got Back' was the song that celebrated a woman's assets, Flo Rida provides a new track and video to celebrate lovely lady lumps everywhere with 'Can't Believe It.'

With the help of Pitbull, the visual has an animated quality with its beach settings -- it's a backdrop with derrieres in g-strings all over the place. The song lyrics are pretty straightforward. So if you're a fan of the female bum, then this is the video for you.

While the clip's premise may not necessarily be the most unique, Diplo took to Twitter earlier today to blast the rapper for stealing his idea. "yo @official_flo ur a f--- ass f---boi for ripping off my video," he tweeted. Some fans thought he was referring to the 'Bubble Butt' video, however, Diplo says it's 'Butter's Theme.'

"I'll totally fight flo-rida in a street fight and totally get my ass whooped. But I'll fight him anyway cuz I'll fight for what I believe in," Diplo tweeted.

If you're loving the track, it's available for purchase on iTunes now.

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