Relationships are continuing to fall apart on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.' As the show begins, Lil Scrappy is in the bed with Shay and he’s there for her company because “he has nobody to talk to.” But instead of them sitting on a couch like normal friends would do, she’s on top of him giving him a massage while wearing a dress.

The main couple, Joseline and Stevie J, are still having issues as she doesn’t trust Che Mack. Joseline says she’ll apologize to the newly acquired Stevie J raptress -- she fought her during the last episode. However, she gives Stevie J a warning. “And let me find out you smashing her and and I’m smashing your head,” she tells him.

When Joseline later finds out he bought Che Mack a television, she stops returning his calls. Now she wants to cut ties with him as her man and a manager. “I got you for the next six years. Come to daddy,” Stevie tells Joseline at the end of the show after a heated argument.

Last week, K. Michelle assaulted Mimi and she says she doesn’t owe her an apology. Later, Mimi and Erica go to a psychic and she begins breaking down things Mimi should have known all along about her relationship with Nikko and K. Michelle. “This is a foolish decision,” the psychic calls her out for trying to rebuild a relationship with him. She also told her K. Michelle doesn’t care for her deep down in her heart.

As far as Kirk and Rasheeda go, their marriage is beyond dysfunctional. Kirk is ridiculous when it comes to how he moves as a husband. He shows up to her photo shoot and tells his own wife on national television that he doubts the baby she's carrying is his. He alludes to her getting an abortion. “We gonna need a blood test,” Kirk tells Rasheeda.

K. Michelle then meets with her Warner Bros. Records A&R Alaska Gedeon and celebrity strategist Dyana Williams, which causes the tears to flow. They say her attitude, fighting and negativity are bringing down her brand. Even though she’s selling out small venues with no album out, which is impressive, she begins to see that if she wants a lasting career, she's going to have to humble herself.

Meanwhile, Scrappy returns to Shay’s house. She starts calling him out for sleeping with her six days before he proposed to Erica. He pretends it never happened and she ends up kicking him out of her house. For some reason she’s still trying to hold on -- to what? It's clear she needs to find herself now.

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