On this week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' Lil Scrappy is in trouble with the law. The authorities want him locked up for drug possession. So he called his soldiers: Momma Dee, his attorney and Erica to come down and support him during his trouble. Later on, Scrappy's attorney tells him a police officer may have filed a warrant for his arrest. The rapper believes "they just want to lock him up." His attorney suggests he turn himself in if he does indeed have a warrant.

Meanwhile, Traci has butterflies and is dating an old friend who has finally asked her out on a date. He showed up in a horse and carriage and hands her flowers. "I feel like this a game 'cause you know you not gettin' none tonight," says Traci. After a couple of laughs, it's looking good for the new guy.

Arianne is still trying to get K. Michelle and Mimi to reconcile. She brings them to a funeral -- although that may have been very extreme -- to speak. During the service, K. Michelle takes the mic and  belts out a gospel hymn while she cries. K. Michelle apologizes and admits that she shouldn't have hit Mimi. Mimi stood in silence. "Life is too short. All of this bickering is going on for no reason," Arianne says. She breaks down at the fact they can't get over their issues.

Stevie J takes Mimi out for a walk with their daughter Eva. While they're sitting on a park bench, Stevie is still trying to convince Mimi to get back with him. But Mimi isn't about that life. Even their daughter is starting to catch on to their issues. "Who's the problem?" Mimi says. "Daddy's the problem," she says.

Rasheeda doesn't want her pregnancy to handicap her. She's going to shoot a new music video for her song 'Hit It From the Back.' Kirk shows up to the video shoot. "I told you, don't touch the business account to do s--- that you want to do," he states. Deb Antney, who runs the entertainment company in charge of Rasheeda's video shoot, tells her that it's not looking good for her career if she's trying to rush everything so quickly. "You should have been in the studio right now and then came out hard," she says.

Later on, Traci invites Shay to Karlie Redd's party for her new hair and nail salon. Traci wants Shay to "talk things out" with Erica. But, the friction rubbed too closely and as soon as they stood together, the ladies started cursing each other out. Shay was put outside and turned into a mad woman.

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