On ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Season 2, Episode 12, Babey Drew apologizes to Traci for disrespecting her and her new boyfriend.  He offers to take them out to dinner. “I want to know the man that might be around my son,” he says.

Meanwhile, K. Michelle holds open auditions for her background singers. Her friend, Arianne tries out but one of the judges tells her, “She sounded like a cat dying in heat.” K. Michelle lets her down easy though.

The real drama continues to unfold within Kirk and Rasheeda's marriage. Traci is doing a community service event called Pretty Girls Rock, a fashion benefit show to raise money for women in shelters. Kirk shows up to the event with the chicks from the cabin “turn up fest.” Traci is suspicious about the whole situation.

After the awkward run-in with Kirk and the birds from the cabin getaway, Traci goes back to Rasheeda and spills the info to her. “You don’t go messing with ratchet hoes off the corner," she says of Kirk. She continues,“You’re married ass don’t need to be turned nowhere.” Rasheeda starts crying. Then her husband walks in.

Kirk admits that he cheated on Rasheeda and she goes off on him and starts throwing his clothes onto the front lawn to burn them. Kirk rushes out of the house into his car. What’s most disgusting about this whole situation is Kirk trying to defend his actions by saying Rasheeda gave him “a pass.”

Lil Scrappy dodges a bullet and gets out of jail, but he’s still on probation. Everyone is back at “the palace” and his mother throws a party for his return home. While there, Erica confronts him and tells him she pawned her engagement ring.

The rapper looks disappointed and says when he bought the ring “he couldn’t wait to put it on Erica’s finger.” Then Momma Dee gets involved in their argument, leading Erica’s mother to intervene as well. A fight almost breaks out and the ladies have to be separated. Erica says she's going to call the police on Scrappy in what seems to be a spiteful move to get him back in jail.

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