Following a blow-up between Erica and Momma Dee on the last episode, Lil Scrappy meets up with his mom to clean up some of the mess on 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 2, Episode 4.

Momma Dee insists that Erica is a "disrespectful bitch.” She tells her son, “I want someone that’s gonna treat you right.”

But Scrappy isn’t about to be a momma’s boy forever -- he is marrying Erica. “What you want and I want are two completely different things,” he emphasizes.They hug it out in the end.

But Erica isn’t so quick to kiss and make up. She is pumping the breaks on their engagement. “I don’t want to start planning a wedding yet until I really feel like you got my back,” she tells him.

Joseline still hasn’t figured out the conditions of her contract with Stevie J. “He’s driving me crazy,” she states.

He picks her up and in a car and presents her with her contract. But as always, there’s a catch with him. He’s making her choose between the contract and her first single. Joseline starts her baby tears.

“I don’t care about the single, because you stress me out. I just want you to leave me alone,” she tells him. Stevie runs his little game and says “he cares.”

Later on in the show, she’s back in his bed with some corny lovemaking music playing in the background.

Meanwhile at Mimi’s new apartment, K. Michelle opens up about some issues with her body -- something is wrong with her vagina.

“My coochie don’t work no more. It’s broke,” she sings to Mimi. She thinks her mind is still caught up with her last man and it’s stopping her from getting in the mood in her present sex life.

As far as Mimi goes, she beams as she talks about dating an old friend and she says it’s “no worries, no stress.”

K. Michelle heads to her OB/GYN and hopes he can provide her with a remedy for her condition. But the doctor says all is fine with her sexual organs. After expressing she wants a man like “Obama,” the doctor asked her why she couldn’t find one like him.

“Have you tried I heard it works,” her physician says.

She asked.

DJ BabeyDrew finally convinces Traci to see the new space for his new sneaker store. But she insists that “this money is for our family” not the groupie hoes. So she’s going to be monitoring the hiring process in the store. Drew forces her to give him the money that day and so she agrees.

Traci decides to show up to Drew’s house unannounced with the $25,000 check -- bad idea. Drew is hesitant to open the door because he has a guest. She bumrushes the door and gets upset when she sees a “random” sitting on his couch. She then starts cursing the poor woman out for no reason.

Traci needs to work out some personal issues. She leaves crying saying, “I don’t want to be a baby mama” and ripping up the check.

Elswhere, Benzino is in hot water with Joseline and Stevie J. Benz was allegedly hitting up Joseline at 6 a.m. on Twitter and trying to have sex with her.

“I texted her for a money-making situation,” Benzino says, denying he was trying to get in her pants.

Of course Benzino is Stevie J’s bestie, so he’s caught up in between it.

“Why would I want to f--- a prostitute? You don’t look all that,” Benzino says like a 6th grader.

“It’s always bros before hoes,” Stevie J says, but he sees their friendship lacks the number one element: trust. With none there, it’s up in the air.

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