On Season 2, Episode 11 of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' K. Michelle sits down with Mimi and they finally laugh and talk face-to-face after butting heads for weeks now. "I don't want to see you hurt no more," she says to Mimi.

Shay and Tracey also meet up, but their ending is a bit darker. "I should not have taken my anger out on you," Shay tells Tracey. But Tracey says she can't trust her and doesn't want her around as a friend anymore. It seems their relationship is now blowing in the wind.

Lil Scrappy and Erica argue about the possibilities of him going to jail and how it will affect their family. When it comes to their daughter, he's afraid to break her heart and tell her that "he's gone."

Meanwhile, Tracey brings her new boyfriend Dashawn to an event and Babey Drew is there. He immediately starts hating on Tracey's "boo" once she introduces them to each other. "He looks like Seal's illigitimate son," Drew says of Dashawn. All of a sudden, Drew wants Tracey to himself. At dinner, he tries to grab her face and kiss her. "The arrogance," Tracey says disgustingly of Drew. "You can't have your cake and eat it too."

Since Joseline is still having issues with keeping a leash on Stevie J, she calls up K. Michelle to get relationship advice. She claims everything's been great between them and she wants a ring on her finger. "I don't think that man is going to commit," K. Michelle tells her straight.

Later, Joseline walks up on Stevie in the studio and makes her demands. "We need to be committed to each other," she states. "Can we get engaged?" Stevie J makes another empty promise that will probably disappear into a black hole. "That's what you want? Give me some time," he says.

Later on, the girls throw a baby shower for Rasheeda. The conversation heads toward the bad blood currently between the pregnant rapper and her estranged husband Kirk. "I don't want you to go through what I went through," Tracey says. She dealt with carrying a baby and not having help from Drew, who was out creeping during those nine months.

But it seems Kirk is going down that same path. The dummy escapes to the mountains with Benzino and Bobby V. He says he's "tired of raising my kids" and he needs a break to "just do Kirk." How about he takes his wife too? Of course, that's not the case. Kirk is shown hanging out in the jacuzzi with two random chicks, who eventually lead up him to the bedroom. "I want to do what I did when I was 21," he states. When Rasheeda finds out, we predict the perfect storm.

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