On the Season 2 finale of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' Stevie J doesn’t say "yes" to Joseline’s proposal, but he doesn’t say "no" either. “We got time, baby,” he says to Joseline, whose eyes are twinkling. He accepts the idea of them becoming “life partners” instead.

Rasheeda reveals to Traci, Karlie Redd and Erica that she’s having a boy. During their girl talk, they catch up on their relationship ups and downs and eventually have a toast “to being drama-free.”

Lil Scrappy sits down with Momma Dee and tells her the truth. “Y’all had me smoking heavy,” he admits. But she doesn’t want to accept the fact that she’s part of his problem. Scrappy sets her straight and tells her that they need to move on and stick together as a family.

K. Michelle says she's outgrown Atlanta and is ready to move to New York City to push her life forward when it comes to her music career and have her “hot pocket open for business" -- um, OK.

Kirk brings home a new car with a bow on top stocked with balloons and gifts. But Rasheeda is not one to be bought. “We are still getting a separation,” she tells him.

This episode is full of makeups as Rasheeda and K. Michelle nipped their problems in the bud and later, Benzino apologizes to Joseline.

Erica goes to visit sober Scrappy in rehab and she gives him back the engagement ring he gave her. “After 11 years, it still doesn’t work. It’s time to let it go,” she says. But it seems that Scrappy still wants to work on their relationship.

Towards the end of the episode, Stevie sits at the piano and brings Mimi and Joseline together in the same room to confess his love for the latter as "life partners." But Joseline isn’t feeling this scenario at all. “It’s not really special because I got somebody here disturbing me,” she tells Stevie.

Mimi sits back and smiles the whole time. Stevie then turns around and gives Mimi “a small token of his appreciation.” Joseline walks off and curses out Stevie and attempts to beat on him.

The camera then pans to Mimi, who gloats. “You wanted him now you got it. Congratulations on the engagement. Whose the maid now, boo?” Mimi says, as she sips her champagne.

We look forward to the reunion, as it should be full of even more surprises.

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