On this episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' Drew has dinner with Traci's new boyfriend, Dashawn and a bomb is dropped. Traci gets upset because she finds out her man lied about getting arrested in the past.

Dashawn admits to everything, but says he didn't want to open up about it before. Traci isn't hearing it. Later on, Drew stops by Traci's apartment to ask for her forgiveness. "I want to see her happy," he says. He also tells her she shouldn't have broke up with Dashawn.

Meanwhile, Joseline visits Stevie J and his dad for a "family" dinner. "I love Stevie around his dad because he really brings out the best in him," she says. "You look good together," says his father to Joseline and Stevie -- he supports a marriage between the two. But Stevie has second thoughts about the whole thing. Dad tells Joseline to go to Vegas to "get him drunk."

Kirk talks to Mimi about his bad behavior lately regarding his relationship with Rasheeda. "She wasn't really caring about me," he states as he explains his cheating ways. "I am wrong for it." Mimi gives him some sound advice. "Will you be able to look your children in the face if you f--- this up?," she says. "Talk to your wife."

During girl talk with Mimi, K. Michelle and Arianne, the latter admits that she really wants to be with a woman. She says she's been more passionate about women than men lately.

Lil Scrappy goes to counseling to battle his addictions with marijuana. The specialist recommends substance abstinence and therapy. At the therapy session with a psychologist and doctor, they tell him to decide between his daughter Emani and his drug addiction.

"You need a vacation from your mom and her decision-making," the doctor says. "Either your daughter will be a freshman majoring in something wonderful at Spelman college or she will be the main attraction at Magic City."

K. Michelle sits down with Joseline and has the same old convo regarding Stevie. She invites the Puerto Rican princess to go to a show for her arch rival Karlie Redd, who is performing with Beenie Man.

At the event, Joseline starts off by being nice to Karlie, but they clash. Karlie walks away from the fight this time and at least the two ladies left with their weaves in tack, which is progress based on their past.

Rasheeda's mom finds out about Kirk's cheating ways and she's outraged. He shows up as she's leaving their house and as she's backing out of the driveway, she rolls over his dirtbike -- twice. Kirk gets upset, but really what can he say right now.

Last but not least, Joseline goes to pick out an engagement ring to pop the question to Stevie. Will he say yes?

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