On the new episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' Kirk and Rasheeda are still trying to work things out, but she’s still on the fence about their marriage. “I’m tryna mend things up. Let Rasheeda know I wanna be with her,” Kirk says. But after Rasheeda finds some photos of him on blogs with random chicks again, she warns him that she can easily take half of everything. For now, she files for separation.

After last week's fight, Erica does not want her daughter Imani near her grandmother Momma Dee. But Mimi tells her they have to co-parent and there's no way she can separate her daughter from her child's father and his family.

Meanwhile, Stevie J and Joseline meet up for dinner and she surprises him with a trip to Puerto Rico where she shoots her first music video. Stevie J looks a little reluctant, but he's happy to see the money Joseline puts on the table.

Before Stevie leaves for P.R., he has dinner with Mimi and gives her a brand new bag and money. Mimi then takes the money to get a boob job. Mimi nursed her daughter for three years so she wants her breasts to sit back up like they once did.

Lil Scrappy announces that he will check himself into a rehabilitation center. He has 30 days to get it together or he’s going to go to jail. He sits down and explains the situation to Erica and he also adds that while he's away, she should reconsider the two of them getting married. “I really love you, I die for you," he says. He also admits that his mother’s problems have negatively impacted their family.

Karlie Redd meets up with Benzino and he shows her his new music video called 'Smash the Homie' featuring a Joseline look-a-like. Karlie has her own issues. She tells Benzino that her breasts are leaking and he’s willing to pay for them to be fixed.

When Joseline arrives in Puerto Rico, she starts reminiscing about her broken childhood. “I wish my mom wasn’t on drugs. I wish I never got raped," she tells Stevie. Since she was in her native town, her “whole life issues came out.” But Stevie calms the situation and the next day, she successfully shoots 'Mi Colta.' As the trip comes to an end, she proposes to her boo.

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