On Season 2, Episode 3 of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' K. Michelle waxes Rasheeda, Lil Scrappy and Erica might be on the outs and Stevie J and Mimi try to schedule co-parenting into their lives.

Karlie is in the studio recording her diss track for K. Michelle and wants Rasheeda to get on a verse. “I’m not going to waste my beautiful voice on no got damn zoo animals," says Rasheeda.

Mimi has a housewarming party and invites K. Michelle and Rasheeda to help celebrate. “I hope they can be civil for at least my sake,” Mimi states. We all know the party will be shut down in no time. Mimi has her own issues with Stevie J and explains to her girls she’s willing to be civil with Stevie to help co-parent their child together.

Then madness ensues.

“I’m sure I’ve come across your mind here and there via Twitter," says Rasheeda.

“No bitch,” K. Michelle fires back.

“Yes, bitch,” Rasheeda replies.

“No, you and your Instagram essays,” K. Michelle ends with. Between discussions of social media sites and Kirk’s three earrings, K. Michelle throws a candle at Rasheeda and it was on.

Meanwhile, Stevie J is trying to get back with Mimi and wants to find out exactly where she lives. However, she’s keeping that information under wraps as well as who she’s seeing.

Scrappy is trying to make peace between Momma Dee and Erica by planning a dinner that will also include Erica's mother Mingnon. Scrappy gets offended by Mingnon, who doesn’t think he’s a good enough man for her daughter after all he has put her through. He gets defensive and Erica tries to remind him that his own mother has done worse to her. “She doesn’t know her place,” she says. That didn’t sit well with anyone and everyone was scrappy over macaroni and cheese.

“Give me my ring,” Scrappy yells across the room to Erica. Did Momma Dee’s evil scheme work? Is he on the road to being with Shay again?

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