Flo Rida

'Ride' Video
For most of their careers, Flo Rida and T-Pain, have been making catchy, Billboard-assaulting records revolving around finding love (or satisfying lust depending how you look at it) within a fast-paced, hip-shaking atmosphere. They're Poe Boy label mates, which is also home to pop artist J Rand. The…
No Beef
On Wednesday, rapper Flo Rida sat on the couch over at MTV Rapfix and gave details on his next album, 'Perfect 10,' while simultaneously dodging a beef with Diplo.
'Can't Believe It'
Just when we thought that Sir Mix-a-Lot's 'Baby Got Back' was the song that celebrated a woman's assets, Flo Rida provides a new track and video to celebrate lovely lady lumps everywhere with 'Can't Believe It.'
Name Cleared
Remember a few weeks ago when the web was buzzing with claims that Flo Rida fathered a child and was trying to skip out on paying child support? Well, it seems that perhaps everyone was just a bit too hard on the rapper because paperwork has surfaced revealing he is not the father.
Flo Rida – Shirtless Rappers
There's no reason to be covered up if you're living in sunny Miami. So, it's no surprise that M-I-A native Flo Rida likes to remain topless for his performances.
It's clear by his sculpted physique that he likes to stay in shape. The 'Good Feeling' rapper told Billboard …
New Song
With summer just around the corner, Flo Rida is ready to hit the clubs with a banger that should get everyone turnt up. The bass-heavy tune 'Tell Me When You Ready' features in-demand rapper Future.

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