For most of their careers, Flo Rida and T-Pain, have been making catchy, Billboard-assaulting records revolving around finding love (or satisfying lust depending how you look at it) within a fast-paced, hip-shaking atmosphere. They're Poe Boy label mates, which is also home to pop artist J Rand. The two rhymers join forces with him for the new video 'Ride' -- a follow-up to last year's song 'Up Against the Wall.'

T-Pain and J Rand sing "Go tell your homegirl / That she's leaving with me." Why are they so confident? It's because they have motorcycles, a place in Miami Beach and have the proper dance moves in the club -- three things the video focuses on.

Flo Rida is seen in what appears to be the V.I.P section of the club, because where else would he be?

The singer is currently working on his debut album.

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