On Wednesday, rapper Flo Rida sat on the couch over at MTV Rapfix and gave details on his next album, 'Perfect 10,' while simultaneously dodging a beef with Diplo.

While on the show, he revealed very little about the features on the album as he took questions from fans on Twitter. When asked about a 50 Cent collaboration being on the forthcoming LP, he responded with a "maybe." "It's definitely a hot record and putting out an album, I don't take just my take on it on putting out an album, I make sure things line up right," he said.

He also spoke on a track Pharrell Williams sent to him. "I'm glad you actually brought that up and I was thinking about reaching back out to him and telling him I want to use it because it's a crazy record," Flo Rida admitted.

The rapper has been gearing up for the release of his new album, recently dropping a track with Future, 'Tell Me When You Ready,’ and 'Can't Believe It' with Pitbull.

A video for the latter track actually stirred up some controversy, with producer and DJ Diplo claiming that Flo jacked the concept from his 'Butter's Theme Video.' Diplo threw some harsh words at Flo on Twitter -- "im goin to go toilet paper the trees in front of flo-rida mansion if you want u can ride or die with me. also bring eggs . pleas RT" -- and rather than do the same, the 'Can't Believe It' creator decided to take the high road and not add fuel to the fire.

"[The] only thing that stands out in that is the fact that I thank God I can afford a mansion," Flo Rida said of Diplo's tweet mentioning his mansion. "I haven't even seen the ['Butter's Theme'] video, but shout out to Sir Mix-A-Lot, 2 Live Crew who definitely inspired my video."

"For someone like him, I just wish him the best of luck on his career," the rapper said of Diplo..

'Perfect 10' is due in October.

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