Goodie Mob fans rejoice! The long-awaited album by the Atlanta rap group is on track for a release by the spring, according to Cee Lo Green. In an interview with Fuse TV, the Mob member dishes on the group's upcoming fifth album, 'Age Against the Machine.'

"We're looking forward to releasing it in first quarter," says Green about the album's pending release. "We're putting the final touches on it. It's pretty much done."

When asked if OutKast will appear on the collection, Green remains optimistic. "And if it happens [OutKast appearing on the LP] it will be one of those pleasant surprises. I'm a fan of OutKast. I would love to have them on the Goodie Mob album -- we are extended family," he says. "But even before I can selfishly wish to have both Andre 3000 and Big Boi on our album, I would first wish to have them back together on their own [making new OutKast music]. But it's not impossible -- I just haven't asked yet!"

Well, let's hope that Three Stacks and General Patton will join the ATL quartet on their album. It would be phenomenal to hear the Dudgeon Family together again on one song.

Green says the LP is progressive and more mature compared to their previous efforts. "I think we've grown a great deal in the last 10 years. There's a lot more to consider," he explains. "There's a broader audience and a greater aspiration to reach as many people as we can, to be as relatable, to be as real, relevant and resourceful as we can. 'Age Against the Machine' is symbolic to wisdom as the weapon of choice."

It's been a decade since the Mob hit the studio. There was some speculation that the group parted ways permanently but not so, says Green. "We've never severed ties, we are family," he states. "We're blood, we are flesh and bone, joined at the hip. Stating the obvious, I went out into the world and became somebody. Now I get a chance to bring some of that success back home and share it -- right back into the family business."

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