When TheDrop.fm premiered a behind-the-scenes look at the video for Goodie Mob's 'Special Education,' we saw the clip was going to involve a school setting, elementary-aged counterparts to the quartet and Janelle Monae, and a gym. Now the finished product is finally here.

In a song praising irregularity as its backdrop, the video features kiddie Goodie Mob members playing around and rapping in classrooms, locker rooms, the football field and the gym.

A young Big Gipp (sans the braids) stands up to a bully, and elsewhere, child versions of Khujo and Monae perform inside of a raucous classroom. Cee Lo and his look-a-like trade scenes in a library, while T-Mo and his counterpart close out Goodie Mob's appearance by rapping on the football field.

Monae, who's preparing to release 'The Electric Lady' on Sept. 10, stands in front of a white-and-gradient background and stares into the camera as she sings the hook.

Goodie Mob's comeback album, 'Age Against the Machine,' will arrive on Aug 27.

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