Cee Lo Green

Stage Fright?
Andre 3000 got our hopes up and then unintentionally crushed them again when he denied reports saying he was releasing an album in early 2014. Cee Lo Green gave insight on the OutKast rapper's actions when he stopped by MTV's 'RapFix Live.' earlier this week.
10 Things You Didn't Know
From selling millions of records and success on a primetime singing competition to his Las Vegas show and various other projects, it's safe to say that CeeLo Green is a certified headliner. Born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, the 'Run' singer has gained success with groups such as Goodie Mo…
CeeLo Green – Artists to Avoid in Las Vegas
It's no secret that CeeLo Green is probably one of the more eccentric dressers in music. From the colorful and metallic outfits to the elaborate array of feathers that accessorize them, CeeLo really knows how to make an entrance.
So it's no surprise that his new show at the Planet Hollywood…
Cee Lo Green – Crazy Stage Outfits
Cee Lo Green has been a bit of an oddball forever. Even when starting off in the 1990s, as a part of the Dungeon Family, Cee Lo always stood out. His cadence while rhyming was different but his appearance eventually grew to be more than just sweatsuits and denim...
New Album
Goodie Mob fans rejoice! The long-awaited album by the Atlanta rap group is on track for a release by the spring, according to Cee Lo Green. In an interview with Fuse TV, the Mob member dishes on the group's upcoming fifth album, 'Age Against the Machine.'
A reunion?
Goodie Mob hasn't dropped a new album since their 2004 effort 'One Monkey Don't Stop No Show.' For nine years, rap fans have been yearning for their reunion. Hopefully, the recently leaked track 'I'm Set' is an indication that the quartet are indeed back in the stu…