Goodie Mob hasn't dropped a new album since their 2004 effort 'One Monkey Don't Stop No Show.' For nine years, rap fans have been yearning for their reunion. Hopefully, the recently leaked track 'I'm Set' is an indication that the quartet are indeed back in the studio.

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Leakers, 'I'm Set' is a marching band-esque track featuring Khujo, T-Mo, Big Gipp and Cee Lo Green (rapping not singing) fired up and ready to bring that lyrical fire to the masses.

"Yoo-hoo, or should I say SuWoo, I know what y'all thinking, 'Oh my god, not you too,'" says Green on the song. "Listen, I don't sing or bang, but I'll kill a motherf---er like it ain't no thang."

Khujo ends the track with a unique one-word-at-a-time verse that shows that Goodie Mob still keeps things all-the-way 'hood. "O-G-I-Jo / So-G-I-know / Up-on-both-feet / four-deep-but-so-D / Ten toes stay down / Flame on blood hound / Crown me king jack / Or mac black go pap!" he spits.

Goodie Mob's 'I'm Set' feels like a song you would play at a pep rally before a big game. For the venerable Dirty South group, their big tournament is the rap game. They may be considered old heads, but they are suited up and ready to play.

We don't know where this song will end up, but we're definitely ready for a Goodie Mob reunion album in 2013.

Listen to Goodie Mob's 'I'm Set'

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