It's been 14 years since we've heard the Goodie Mob together on an album. That's a looong hiatus. Thankfully, the Atlanta foursome will return on Aug. 27 with a new LP, 'Age Against the Machine.'

The collection is full of cacophonous sounds and insightful rhymes about social injustice, inner-city life and black empowerment, which will remind rap heads of their classic debut LP, 'Soul Food.'

It also boasts guest appearances from fellow ATLiens Janelle Monae ('Special Education'), T.I. ('Pinstripes') and Big Fraze ('The Both of Me'), among others.

Goodie Mob told NPR recently that 'Age Against the Machine' is a hip-hop album for adults.

'It depicts our journey as a group and where we've come from and how we started and some of the trials and tribulations that life has take us through," explains Goodie Mob member T-Mo.

"Oh, because it's not rage, it's age," adds Cee Lo Green. "Because it's experience and inside a war of words, wisdom is the weapon of choice."

"So, at this point in our career, after all that we've accomplished -- we've become elder statesmen if you will and we've just come back to better the balance and even a better balance between us personally," he continues. "It's something that's imperative, it's urgent and I believe that information is equality. So I think it will balance the playing field."

You can listen to Goodie Mob's 'Age Against the Machine' on until Aug. 26. The album hits shelves Aug. 27.

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