Atlanta rapper Young Scooter will not be pressured into signing just any record deal. He vows that he won't enter the major label game without big bucks being offered. “I want $5 million,” he recently told while working from Gucci Mane's East Atlanta studio.

The Black Migo Gang founder also says he doesn't feel pressure to make another song like 'Colombia.' After all, he didn't even realize that the song was a hit until it blew up on the radio and in the streets last fall. “It did surprise me," he says. "I didn’t think it was the one. I didn’t see the reaction because I don’t really go to the club like that.”

Still, with a remixed version featuring bars from Birdman, Rick Ross and Scooter's mentor Gucci Mane, one would think that he's feeling the strain of having to come up with another hit by the time the video is released in a matter of weeks -- especially with so many new artists dropping hits regularly. But the rapper says he's just taking it all in stride.

“I ain’t got no fear," he boasts with a grin. "I can’t lose. I can’t lose because you can’t compare me to nobody because I ain’t have a deal. Trying to put me in a category with anybody else ain’t gon’ work.”

The 'Street Lottery' creator has surely garnered enough attention to make him a major competitor amongst newcomers and he hopes to build onto that momentum with his upcoming debut album, 'Juug House,' slated for release July 2. “I have the same work ethic now as I did with ‘Street Lottery,’" he explains, "Because that project was so successful, I gotta make 'Juug House' the same way. So it’ll be the same but geeked up."

With Gucci Mane supervising Young Scooter's progress, he's sure to make a bit of noise once the album is complete. “He’s a hard worker, just as hard a worker as me," says Gucci. "And he’s good about saving his money -- those are the two things I like about Scooter. I just like working with and helping talented, young people.”

"I took my time on 'Street Lottery' but with 'Juug House' I’m taking even more time so it can be perfect," Scooter says with conviction.

Perfection is virtually impossible to achieve but Scooter is giving it a fighting chance, recruiting some big names for the album, including Monica, Cam'ron, Lloyd Banks and Wyclef Jean, who produced the track he appears on. According to Scooter, he came up with the idea to reach out to all his featured guests himself.

“Anybody that does a song with Young Scooter, the suggestion came from me," he says proudly. "It ain’t nothing to get in touch with these folks. They’re human beings. I don’t know why folks look at it like that. Wyclef cool, he’ll pull up right here.”

In fact, Scooter says that his favorite studio session was with the producer-rapper. 
“I say Wyclef because he has a whole lot of energy," he reveals. "He’s just so real. He does it all right in front of you. He killed the beat too.”

In addition to Clef, Scooter's debut will be packed with bangers from beatsmiths like Zaytoven, Beat Junkies, 808 Mafia and Mike WiLL Made It.

Primarily though, the young artist is hoping to make a distinct difference in what today's rap sounds like. “I just really want people to listen to my music and bond with me through that," he shares. "I want people to listen to my life story."

"I put that in the music," he adds. "Because I know what the streets go through, that’s why I don’t do all flexin’ songs like ‘Colombia.’ I do struggle songs too.”

 Watch Young Scooter's 'Colombia' Video

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