On Gucci Mane's latest mixtape 'Gas,' which is part three of his three volume series 'World War 3,' the Atlanta rapper teams with producer 808 Mafia for a 20-song offering.

Some of the guest features include Wooh Da kid, OJ da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame of course. In fact, Waka appears on three separate cuts, offering something slightly different each time. Like on the song 'What You Mean,' where he delivers a striking chorus alongside Gucci's lazy styled flow.

On 'Drummaguwopuhhh,' Gucci teams with Kandi Burruss, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, for a remake of the World Class Wreckin Cru's 1988 hit, 'Before You Turn off the Lights.'

And 808 Mafia chooses to use a stripped down beat on the cut 'Bad B---,' which gives Gucci the opportunity to spit a bouncy flow that fits particularly well. Lyrically, he even talks about female empowerment. But he does it the Gucci way.

"Got a tax service and a beauty parlor/she go to school she's a Rhodes Scholar/to a young girl she a role model," raps Gucci.

But probably the most ear catching song on 'Gas' is 'Bill Cosby Skit,' where Gucci goes hard at rapper T.I. On the diss-track -- that stretches a little over three minutes -- Gucci seems eager to tell the self-proclaimed King of The South how he feels about him.

"Tell T.I that he needs to step it up a little cause boy too little and his bones too brittle," spits Gucci, after issuing a few other verbal taunts and flat-out insults.

Other noteworthy moments on 'Gas' include the sexually charged 'Superhead,' where Gucci seems to be getting closer to carving out his own subgenre of Hip-Hop called porn-rap. Of course talking about one's sexual escapades is pretty common in rap circles, but Gucci does it with a seeming higher level of explicitness.

But is 'Gas' worth your listening time and money? Because it isn't a free download. You'll have to purchase or stream it.

The one thing that keeps it from living up to the other two mixtapes in the 'World War 3' series is that many of the tracks sound the same, which is one of the risks a rapper takes when he works with one producer for a whole project.

Many of the beats fit the bill in terms of overall quality, but 808 Mafia uses the same piano sounds with very little variation. In addition, on certain songs it sounds like Gucci and 808 are battling each other, meaning at times Gucci's vocals don't mesh well.

However, this problem doesn't make 'Gas' horrible, it just keeps it from reaching the same creative level as Gucci's other two mixtapes in this series, 'Lean' and 'Molly.' And unfortunately, that takes away from the whole series just a little bit.


Listen to Gucci Mane's mixtape 'Gas'

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