After listening to 'Molly,' Gucci Mane's second installment of his three volume mixtape 'World War 3,' there's one thing that's clear: Gucci can be sheer entertainment.

Just listen to songs like 'Something for Nothing.' Gucci spits with a style that says 'I don't even have to try that hard', which makes his verses fun to listen to. Some of the most talked about rappers have that particular quality and it's hard to obtain.

Then there's 'Pocket Full of Money,' where over deep organ sounds Gucci is able to mix fly-talk with tough-talk very seamlessly. And producers Dun Deal, Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital do a fine job of bringing a cinematic element to each track, which fits well over Gucci's straightforward lyrical approach.

An example of this can certainly be heard on the Rocko-assisted 'Do's and Don'ts,' as the producers use a military style drum roll and live keyboards to highlight Gucci and Rocko's slow delivery.

Other features on 'Molly' consist of Chief Keef on 'So Much Money,' Phil on 'Worth Something' and Thug and Migos on the song 'Long Time.'

It seems that Gucci played his cards right by throwing the rapper Thug on a couple of tracks, as the Brick Squad rapper really makes his presence felt. Most notably on the song 'Don't Look at Me.'

"My bitch got a body / She don't speak no English / That Bentley I be in / Don't look when you see me... little bitch I'm a demon / They know I'm a flight risk / I hold up my Rollie / I ice out my bracelet," spits Thug in his signature high-pitched delivery.

Overall, 'Molly' is put together well in terms of its production quality and entertaining Gucci verses. What makes a Gucci mixtape good is when Gucci sticks to what he's best at: rapping about hood tales without making them sound too dark or gory.

Somehow, he's able to deliver some of the darkest content in a way that's almost playful, and that strange combination can be intriguing to the ears.

However, not every track on 'Molly' intrigues. 'So Much Money' misses for its unnecessary use of Auto-Tune and 'Kidnapped' has a hook that's more annoying than pleasant.

But mostly, the second edition of 'World War 3' gets points for its big sound and Gucci's infectious delivery, as his rhymes can go anywhere from being humorous to being menacing. And that's all in the same verse.

Plus, at 14 songs, 'Molly' moves along pretty nicely and doesn't feel unnecessarily stretched out, because not every mixtape has to be 20-songs deep. And it would be nice if more rappers realized that.



Listen to Gucci Mane's 'Molly' Mixtape

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