Wyclef Jean

'Bang Bang Bang'
The city of Chicago is struggling with ongoing problem of guns and violence, particularly with the youth. Wyclef Jean flew down to Chicago to sing an urgent plea of peace to keep the guns away in his new video, 'Bang Bang Bang.'
Mixtape Review
Wyclef Jean hasn't released any new material in seven years but today, the Haitian musician returns with a new mixtape, 'April Showers.'
Wyclef Jean Interview
After a lunch break, Wyclef Jean is in a happy mood -- he puts a piece of gum in his mouth and playfully tells the few people in his studio session at Daddy’s House in New York City to quiet down so he can focus on his interview with TheDrop.fm.
Exclusive Interview
It is inevitable that the beloved art form of hip-hop goes through many changes and evolves daily. Often times, artists that started out in the '90s find that they no longer have the same love for the genre as they once did.
Namely, Phife from A Tribe Called Quest mentioned during the 'Beats, Rhymes …
Exclusive Interview
Atlanta rapper Young Scooter will not be pressured into signing just any record deal. He vows that he won't enter the major label game without big bucks being offered. “I want $5 million,” he recently told TheDrop.fm while working from Gucci Mane's East Atl…
Rap Union
Wyclef Jean has made a few major headlines within the past year, from rocking birthday Speedos to divulging intimate details behind the long-rumored love affair between himself and Lauryn Hill. The musician has kept himself in the spotlight using everything but music. But this spring that will chang…