Young Scooter

Parole Violation
Seems like the Brick Squad collective can't stay out of the news as of late-- Young Scooter is the latest affiliate to find himself in hot water with the law.
Exclusive Interview
Atlanta rapper Young Scooter will not be pressured into signing just any record deal. He vows that he won't enter the major label game without big bucks being offered. “I want $5 million,” he recently told while working from Gucci Mane's East Atl…
Mixtape Review
Gucci Mane, the Trap God, is back and he has newcomer Young Scooter riding shotgun. With the help of DJs Scream and Spinz, the four put together a solid effort with 'Free Bricks 2.'
Young Scooter – Artists Bubbling Up
Decatur-based Young Scooter has been plugging away in the hip-hop industry long before the success of his 2012 breakout hit 'Columbia.'
The Freeband Gang member has been running with Atlanta rapper Future for a while now, scoring features on several of his mixtapes before dropping his own, …