Another day, another Twitter beef. As he promotes his new album 'Jesus Piece' this week, the Game got into a hot Twitter debate with Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin over the album's religious-themed artwork.

Earlier in the week, Michelle blogged about the album cover, citing that it was blasphemous for depicting Jesus as a gangster. Game and his Twitter followers quickly embarked on a Twitter assault of Malkin. "#BOYCOTTFOXNEWS11 @myfoxla & @michellemalkin NOW !!!! End their constant RACIST pledge against everything URBAN !!! #TakeAStand2013," he tweeted.

Even other rappers like Meek Mill joined in and retweeted, "BOYCOTT @michellemalkin & #FOXNEWS11 !!!!!!! We cannot allow racism to carry itself into the NEW YEAR !!!!! We cant !!!!! RT RT RT"

The West Coast emcee then released a special video interview with DJ Skee titled 'Public Service Announcement. "We artists, everything we do is artistic... It's how we express ourselves," Game explains. "She has no place to make racial remarks."

Watch Game Blast Fox News' Michelle Malkin