Rapper Game has been hit with a big lawsuit from rival rhymer 40 Glocc.

Last July, after a party in the Hollywood Hills, Calif., Game and a few members of his entourage attacked 40 while he was heading out of the event. There were also reports that both rappers were armed and weapons were drawn at some point during the altercation.

Game videotaped the incident and posted the footage on YouTube and Twitter.

As a result of that violent encounter with Game, 40 Glocc has filed a lawsuit against the 'Jesus Piece' creator for 4.5 million dollars for damages, TMZ reports.

Here’s the breakdown:

–  $500,000 in pain and suffering
–  $500,000 in emotional distress
–  $750,000 in lost earnings
–  $2 million for punitive damages
–  $25,000 in medical expenses
–  Various other things

Pretty steep for the fight. Do you think 40 Glocc deserves $4.5 million over this feud? Let us know in the comments below.

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