Rappers Predicting the Future
Many rappers have prided themselves on "speaking the truth," or giving non-fiction depictions of their lives. Sometimes though, rap verses transcend realness and border on eerily prophetic. There may be no modern Nostradamus, but rappers are the next best thing. Here are 10 Rap Lyrics That…
Helping Others
Rappers are often associated with negative things in the media, however, there are a few who do charitable efforts that don't get reported. Fellow rhymers Drake and Game recently donated money to help an Ohio woman who lost her entire family in a fire.
Access Denied
Sunday afternoon (Aug. 11) didn't go completely as Game planned because of one of his most notable features: his tattoos.
More Tattoos
Either Game is bored or he really, really loves tattoos. The Compton rapper just added more ink to his well-toned body and shared the images on his Instagram page.
G-Unit Reunion?
Game has decided to approach 50 Cent from a whole different angle: through the fans. The 'Jesus Piece' emcee recently started an online petition to reunite the original members of G-Unit (to include himself and Young Buck) through the site

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