Rappers are often associated with negative things in the media, however, there are a few who do charitable efforts that don't get reported. Fellow rhymers Drake and Game recently donated money to help an Ohio woman who lost her entire family in a fire.

On Sept. 15, Anna Angel, a fast food worker, became a widow after a fire erupted in her mobile home, killing her boyfriend and her five children, ages 2 to 6.

Relatives of Angel were told by the hospital that the children and her boyfriend died of smoke inhalation, reports the Toledo Blade. Angel was able to give her five children a final kiss goodbye at the hospital.

After hearing the tragic news, Drizzy and Game pooled their resources together and donated $22,500 to Anna Angel on behalf of the Compton rapper's charitable organization the Robin Hood Project.

Drake went on his Instagram page to announce his contribution to this noteworthy cause.

He wrote:

Myself and @thedocumentary are donating a total of $22,500 to Ana Angel .. who lost her boyfriend & their 5 children in a house fire on behalf of @therobinhoodproject #therobinhoodproject. What @thedocumentary is doing will never be forgotten. Honored to be able to help people along side my brother."

Game has been on a positive streak as of late, helping families in need after a tragedy. Recently, 'The Documentary' rapper donated $10,000 to the family of 6-year-old Tiana Ricks, who was shot and killed, along with her father, in Southern California.

This is just one of the many charitable donations Game is expected to make in the next couple of weeks. The rapper has set aside $1,000,000 to give away through the Robin Hood Project.

Much props to Drake and Game for using their celebrity and money to help needy families across the country. Other rappers need to follow their lead.