Game has decided to approach 50 Cent from a whole different angle: through the fans. The 'Jesus Piece' emcee recently started an online petition to reunite the original members of G-Unit (to include himself and Young Buck) through the site

The Compton native has been trying to get back into the circle for years now after his infamous G-UNot campaign in 2005. Most times, it's quiet on 50's end as Game tries his hand at bartering some sort of awkward reconnection and the rest of the hip-hop industry stands by, watching it all unfold.

Up until now, Game has been unsuccessful at mending the broken relationship between himself and his former label head, but he hasn't stopped trying.

The site gives a bit of background on the start of the G-Unit collective and what would occur if the guys could manage to settle their differences and return to the studio and the stage: "There is no doubt that if the group reformed they would smash their way to the top again..."

As of this afternoon today, there are 8,015 signatures on the petition. We doubt 50 Cent will be moved by Game's efforts this time around either.

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